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Altar cloths and lectern covers adorn church interiors and reflect the liturgical seasons with suitable colour schemes. With our individual range, we can meet specific customer requirements in terms of theme, colour and manufacture. Altar cloths and lectern covers are available lined or unlined, in wool/silk or wool/Trevira, white or coloured and plain or decorated.

The chasuble - hand-woven in-house - is a unique wool/silk product with perfect handcrafted workmanship. On request, the product is designed and produced in line with the individual requirements of the priest or parish. The high quality makes the chasuble hardwearing and durable.

We consciously maintain a long tradition of craftsmanship and work with traditional weaving looms. Our highly-trained and long-serving weavers continue the time-honoured production methods and produce sophisticated, artistic work. As required, they develop new creations or provide a wide selection of existing designs.

Our hand-woven or machine-woven copes are painstakingly produced to the highest quality, and are mainly worn for ordinations and consecrations. Embellished with hand-painted or brocaded decorations and harmonious colour combinations, the numen copes are ideal for festive or ceremonial occasions.

Produced with great care and painstaking craftsmanship, the cassocks are available in two different versions. The Protestant version is stitched with decorative pleats, equipped with fabric-covered buttons and lined to the waist and in the sleeves. The Catholic cassock is produced in a plain form with clear lines and a straightforward look.

As an alternative to the chasuble, we supply the easy-care, washable and crease-resistant tunicle. The tunicle is made from soft and durable wool/Trevira as a robe for lay theologians, church assistants, sacristans and pastoral assistants. Several different versions for men and women are available from numen.

Albs are adapted to the sumptuous copes and chasubles, and can be ordered with machine-embroidered braiding or in a plain and subtle variant with no adornments. The material we use is a light, natural white wool/Trevira that is always comfortable to wear.

Scapulars, which are available in the finest of designs, are worn over the tunicle. These unique items are hand-woven and available in various different colours and patterns.

The dalmatic, which deacons wear over a tunicle or alb, is hand-woven in wool/silk and lined. For the lower-priced solution, we use top-quality wool/Trevira.

Uniform servers' and communion robes are widely used in Swiss parishes these days. To ensure a high level of durability, we produce these items in an easy-care, washable wool/Trevira material. Communion and servers' robes are made in shades ranging from natural white to cream.